Sleep Transitions

What can I do to get better sleep?
This is literally one of the top three questions/health concerns I hear all the time.

Since our Uluwehilifestyles TORT [THIS or THAT] focus group is all about POWERING OUR REST – – I am sharing my top suggestions for better sleep.  BECAUSE, the only thing you can do to get better sleep – is to SLEEP.  So this is serious stuff…

Sleep Support Group

Let’s get started:


As several of the experts I’ve been listening to have said – we would never attempt to just stick a child in their bed and expect them to sleep!  Even if you have to think about it – – I am sure you would have a routine.  You would give them a soothing bath, maybe a drink/nursing, read a story or sing a song, rock or rub their back, and then finally put them to bed – tucked in just right, white noise playing, cool temperatures… It is a careful science, isn’t it?

And we should never have let that go.  It’s not just babies who need that transition period between wakefulness and sleep.  We need the adjustment and signals just as much!

Think about it.   What is ONE thing you already do (whether consistently or infrequently) that signals BEDTIME?


If you only start this FIVE minutes before you get in bed – GREAT!  It is ideal to start these adjustments as least a full HOUR before you plan to go to sleep.  But please begin anywhere.

  1. Choose non-screen/electronic activities {turn them off if necessary!}
    – Remove phones from bedroom, if necessary.
  2. Dim the lights to the minimum
  3. Slow & calm your physical movements
  4. Cool the temperature
  5. Remove clutter from the bedroom
  6. Eliminate all sources of light from the bedroom.
  7. Diffuse Essential Oils
  8. Read a physical book {no Kindles!}
  9. End the day with a Grateful list

This list is not exhaustive.  But does anything trigger an I could do that! response?  Start there!  And then maybe add something that doesn’t feel quite as easy, but you could do it…

Good Sleep Support


Once you have environmental factors in place, try incorporating some of these self-care habits to help specifically prepare your body for rest:

  1. Take a hot bath {detoxifying, relaxing, soothing}.
  2. Create a nightly body-care soothing routine.
  3. Drink soothing tea or Golden Milk.
  4. Use Essential Oils to promote better sleep {topical, in the bath, internal (CPTG only), or diffused}.
  5. Turn on white noise {I like to use a fan blowing against the wall} or noise-canceling headphones.
  6. Cover your eyes with an eye mask or pillow.
  7. Play sleep meditations.

What else would you add to that list to help signal to your entire body that it is time to sleep?

Here’s the thing.
It is so easy to TALK about all of these suggestions.  But my challenge to you is to ask –  – what are you going to do differently?

Did you know that poor sleep quantity or quality is a HUGE culprit of a myriad of physical issues – – including:

  • weight gain
  • hormonal imbalances
  • mental fogginess or instability symptoms
  • poor immunity
  • signs of aging
  • increased pain
  • mood swings
  • skin inflammation

Power Your Rest and Health with Sleep

If we don’t SLEEP, we don’t allow our brains – and every other organ –  to cleanse and reboot, as they are designed to do throughout the night.  YES – OUR BODIES ARE ALIGNED WITH NATURE’S RHYTHM!

While there are a few natural supplements that can support improved sleep – – it is the daily HABITS that make the real difference.

What do you think?  Do you have any challenges in your sleep habits or quality?  What would you add to my lists?  Or what are you going to apply today?

If you would like more support in POWERING YOUR REST, ask to join our Uluwehilifestyles: TORT Group for this month.  We are providing step-by-step support that can be fit to every person’s needs to sleep well.  OR – follow us to join our upcoming Facebook events, focused on sleep solutions for everyone.



Essential Oils and Yoga Benefits

I am absolutely not what I would refer to as a yogi.  I adore yoga.  And I am convinced of all of the health and overall life benefits.  But I am not an expert in the details of the practice. {maybe someday!}

HOWEVER – – some things are just obvious!  And one of those things is the perfect synchronicity found in combining Essential Oils {another of my favorite things} with any Yoga practice.  This partnership is really just intuitive!  And I have been learning how I can be very intentional with how I use my essential oils to support the goals and intentions of my practice.

I recently hosted an online class on this topic, so I took some time to do some extra research.  I found that there really was not a lot of simple, easy to take-in and apply-at-a-glance, material available online.  I would like to share some of the oils that I feel are great options to begin with for those who are just beginning to combine yoga and oils – – or those who are ready to get much more intentional with their choices.

Please enjoy these printables!  I hope you find them helpful, and I would love for you to share this gift.  You can learn more about the essential oils that I recommend and use here.

During the month of January, my Uluwehilifestyles team and I offered a daily yoga challenge and a Yoga + Essential Oils workshop, along with several other classes and resources.  Follow us on Facebook to check out each of our upcoming monthly challenges and offerings provided for our natural living community.

You can also see what I have in my Yoga Bag right now if you are interested in making sustainable choices or learning what I have found and enjoyed.  And please pass your favorites back to me as well!

I would love to hear from you.  What essential oils are you already using with your Yoga practice?  Or what are some other oils that are naturally intuitive that you would add to this collection?


Lavender and Yoga benefits

Grounding Oils and Yoga benefits

Frankincense and Yoga benefits

Geranium Oil and Yoga Benefits

Cypress Oil and Yoga Benefits

Cedarwood Oil and Yoga Benefits

In My Yoga Bag

I thought I would share what I have in my YOGA BAG – – since I know many friends are using the start of New Year to set new intentions to reduce stress and build physical strength.  Yoga is a great option for anyone!

Sustainable Yoga

Before I get to what is in my bag, here are some of my thoughts lately about yoga…

>  I have been noticing that going to yoga twice a week feels like I am starting all over again to work the stiffness out of my body.  I don’t like it!
I would love to be more of an advance yogi, but as I am still rebuilding from back injuries I stick to soft, Hatha, flows for now.  But I want more…  So I am participating in a 21-day yoga challenge – because it takes 21 days to build a habit!  And I would love to keep going to 90 days to build a lifestyle of daily yoga.  Even just a few minutes would make a huge difference in that stiffness I am noticing.

>>  I love my yoga instructor!  She is a woman after my own heart because she goes the extra mile for aesthetics and ambiance.  And her playlists rock!

>>  Can we just talk about using essential oils before (and after!) doing yoga???  Rub an amazing respiratory blend on your chest or Frankincense or Lavender on the wrists and you will breathe in sooo much goodness during Downward Facing Dog.  Even if the instructor leaves you there extra long, you’ll just be happily inhaling those oils!

>>  The value of the yoga block just recently really clicked for me.  Sinking your weight into these props allows you to get deep into the pose — and deep into some tight muscles and ligament spots you may not have found before.

>>  Is there any other workout quite as holistic (whole-body) as yoga?  I literally can feel the connections sync from head-to-toe during the flows!  And it is fascinating how directly a specific pose can benefit a part of the body or relieve physical/mental/emotional/spiritual needs that are linked physiologically.

>>  I call yoga [or barre!] my mood adjustment hour.  I seriously can go in close to tears or exhausted or stressed – or anything, and come out feeling literally zen.  This practice is so honoring of the entire body, you can just feel yourself coming into alignment.  And then there is the hour focused on “letting go…”  There is a lesson here.

>>  This was awhile ago, but if I am telling yoga stories I have to tell about the time I was in a Restorative class {you hold restful poses for several minutes} and I woke myself up snoring! #thathasneverhappenedbefore  And then it happened again! It was a good class. 😉

You know I am committed to trying to live a toxin-free and sustainable life, so I researched long and hard before stocking my yoga supplies.  This is what you will find in my bag right now:

Sustainable Yoga

  1. This light-weight Yoga Mat is not only PVC & chemical free, but is completely plastic free!  It is biodegradable and made from natural rubber.  I have the acai color, and I LOVE it!  I also think the price is super-affordable for all of those positives.
    WARNING: this mat is very thin!  It folds, rather than rolls and does not have any padding.  I have not had a problem with it.  Although I do like the idea of using it on top of a fabric mat like the ones shared below.
  2. I also have this towel – – because if it’s even a Vinyasa class, I am going to drip sweat!  And sweat + yoga mats + balancing do not mix well!
  3. I totally cannot find a link to purchase these, but they are the BEST hair bands ever (add to your Amazon wishlist like I did)! You cut and tie your own preferred length.  Mine double loops loosely around my wrist.  This is the only hair tie that holds my hair!  Can any of my friends in Hawai’i see if Longs has these and send me some???
  4. This is my actual YOGA BAG.   This local Hawai’i brand, Ecolicious Hawai’i, is easy to find at vendor events and at Whole Foods Hawai’i!  It has a small zippered pocket for my hair bands (or phone, ID, & keys) and plenty of room for everything I need.  I can also usually stuff in a few groceries from the Farmer’s Market or Natural Grocers…
  5. These aren’t really for my yoga classes, although they probably could be {but my feet get hot!}, but they are in my bag!  These socks with rubber grips on the soles are designed for barre classes – my other workout love!  If you want a more active and fast strength-building workout that combines yoga, pilates, & ballet benefits, then check out a barre class.   This pair of sticky socks on Amazon is similar to mine.
  6. I ALWAYS have my Lifefactory water bottle with me.  If you haven’t heard me talk about how much I love this water bottle – – you will!  My water just tastes better in this glass bottle.  And trust me.  That silicone covering really does work!
  7. My favorite yoga workout clothes are currently from Target or surfbrands like these pants and tank.

I also have a list of items saved on my wishlist:

Sustainable Yoga Accessories

  1. I prefer to purchase from brands that are consciously contributing to making a difference through my purchase, like Threads for Thought.  I am cold right now, so I like this long-sleeved top over this tank and pants.
  2. These cork [sustainable!] yoga blocks are currently in my basket, as is this yoga belt strap.    I also found another yet of all three of these tools together for a deal!
  3. This burlap mat is another sustainable yoga mat option.  And I would like to add a yoga rug to my practice.
  4. Yoga blankets are rolled or folded and used to help keep your body in the proper position. And you can never have too many blankets anyway!  I also think this solid-colored blanket is really pretty.
  5. Every good yogi needs some good books – right?  The Complete Yoga PosesMeditations From the Matand  The Key Muscle of Yoga.
  6. No purchase link or picture for this one – – but this is supposed to be the 10 Best Yoga Tunes of 2016, according to The Yoga Journal.   Maybe these tunes will inspire you!

I am already feeling extra inspired for my 21 Day Yoga Challenge!  Although I do need to get those yoga blocks ordered… yikes!  If you’d like to do the challenge with me, I am linking up with a group of friends and you are invited. 🙂  Just let me know!

Also – be sure to connect on Facebook so you don’t miss our Essential Oils and Yoga online class this month.  It’s going to be a good one!

What would you add to my list?  Or do you have a favorite yoga brand or resource or class type?  Share away!  And I hope I’ve inspired you to #getonthemat {a bit more sustainably}.


**Affiliate links may provide a small commission if you make a purchase through my attached link.  All opinions are honest and recommended based on research and/or personal experience.  Thanks for your support!



Last Minute Gift Ideas

Less than a week, and I am still pulling my Christmas gift list together!  My problem is that my creativity and inspiration sometimes really begins flowing a little on the late side…  Don’t be like me.    #handmadegifts = #latenights

However – – I have been browsing Amazon and other sites, and I thought I would share a few more ideas to add to my last list!  I’ve already given a few items off of my Creative & Natural gifts list, and they have been a big hit!  I couldn’t leave out some finds for kids (I have LOTS of nieces & nephews + teacher + kids-toys addict) and also some meaningful options for those who would love to know there is something MORE behind what they open.

Last Minute Gifts

As always, some of these links may be affiliate links and provide a small referral commission if you click through to purchase.

Infant – Lower Elementary

  • Wood is always a step up from plastic with children’s toys.  I love this sweet Doctor Play Set – – because I know just how many stuffed, imaginary, & real friends would have received my expert treatment as a child!
  • This Wood Tool Set combines aesthetics and texture with cognitive matching skills.  This is a great option to inspire creativity and imagination  – – along with that heart-grabbing imitation of the hero-worshipped adults in their life.
  • A Basket full of Fabric-stuffed Fruit is perfect for your younger children who still explore with their hands and mouths.  And the wear & tear on these beautiful produce pieces will last much longer than any plastic options!
  • Pull Toy Dog  – handmade and so sweet for your toddler who loves carrying and dragging friends like this all over the house…
  • Preschoolers love anything that makes them feel more like Mom or Dad.  A Wood Fruit Chopping Tray provides that “grown-up” vibe and great small-motor skill practice.
  • There is a Rainbow option – – but I love this Waves Stacker [#islandgirl]!  And it grows through every age level with balance and creativity challenges.  I would seriously love to have this in my living room right now.  And I would bet that you would play with it!
  • Have you seen those instrument buckets for toddlers and preschoolers?  Those are great, but you can also keep everything a little more contained with a Music Table.  And it is one-piece cleanup when your appreciation for your child’s musical gifting is over…
  • A Wooden Doll House = hours of imaginative play!  And it is all learning time too.
    WARNING: You may hear/see yourself reflected!
  • No words needed.  Just click the link and imagine what your reaction to this Wooden Castle would have looked like!

Elementary Age

  • I like this Wood Tetris Puzzle or Tetris Cube [not your typical cube!] for older children.  Puzzles engages the mind and hands while making brain connections and giving a sense of proud accomplishment.




  • I am a children’s book hoarder – – so I HAVE to share some of these favorites!  Get the Mary Poppins books (the entire series!) for your older children.  Or read them aloud to your 4 year olds and up.  Everyone will love these stories as much as you adored the Disney movie.
  • If you love the Narnia Books, then you will all enjoy this Companion to Narnia.  If you haven’t read them, then get the series for yourself (and your kids)!  Watch the movies AFTER you read the books…
  • Malia in Hawai’i is written by a friend.  I love her first book, There’s a Monster in my Opu. I don’t have this one yet, and since I collect Hawaiian themed children’s books, it is on my personal list!
  • Make learning healthy habits fun with The Busy Body Book and Good Enough to Eat.  Add a jumprope or ball and a new lunchbag or accessories for a great themed gift!
  • Teach your elementary age daughter about the beautiful creation of her body with Beautiful Girl by Dr. Christine Northrup.  Add a hand-made Girls Day certificate committing to time to nurture that little woman growing in her.


This next list may fall slightly on the late side for Christmas gifts.  But if you have struggled to find that PERFECT gift for someone – – then look through this list and consider a gift certificate from these amazing artisans.  Several are personal friends, and I can attest to the quality and love behind what they do!


  • Get a handmade Bamboletta Doll for that special little one.  They are reminiscent of the Cabbage Patch Kids of my childhood — but so much sweeter and each one filled with personalized meaning.
  • Handmade/retro but classic/unique/eco-friendly/eye-catching >> get it all with anything from SeaFoam Green Hawai’i.  I love it all – but especially Grace’s leather & fabric clutches.  I carry my must-have essential oils in one everywhere I go.  And profits from your purchases always also go toward a heart-felt mission partnership such as sex-trafficking rescues.
  • Do you know someone who loves plant-based products or just beautiful self-care items?  Mamalani is my favorite source for hand-pounded body powders and creams.
  • You can never go wrong with jewelry!  Here are some of my favorites:
    • Dainty * Eclectic * Chic * Organic >> [KI*ELE] jewelry from Hawai’i
    • Essential Oil diffusing jewelry
    • Jewelry & Accessories with a PURPOSE
      • Rahab’s Rope provides beautiful items handmade by women who would otherwise be employed by India’s sex-trafficking industry
      • Purpose Jewelry also provides freedom for women rescued from slavery
    • I’m not much of a TV star-follower – – but who can resist Joanna Gaines’ style??  ANYTHING from her Magnolia Market jewelry shop makes my list!
  • Have you considered a SUBSCRIPTION Box gift?  I purchased a themed subscription as a gift this year, and these are a few I wouldn’t mind receiving!
    • Purpose Boxes are mail that matters.  This is a carefully curated collection of beautiful items – – and ALL proceeds go to a featured purpose.  You can’t get much more meaningful then this.  Expect tears with each delivery and all the stories contained…
    • Try gifting a Meal Subscription box!  This is a frequently wished-for item in my work office…  Hello Fresh comes highly recommended by my favorite resource site,
    • Happy Mail or Messy Boxes from A Beautiful Mess will make any creative squeal!

Even if these won’t arrive in time for the big day, I think anyone would be thrilled to open a printed page receipt or gift certificate from any of these!  Or save the links for yourself for the new year. 😉

Have you found that perfect gift yet?  I would love to hear your inspirations and findings while I wrap up my gift list!  Also – if you are a spread the essential oil goodness person like I am, be sure to join our Essential Oil Gift Ideas group on Facebook.



Creative & Natural Living Gift Ideas

If you don’t know yet – I am a total resource JUNKIE.  I have TONS of saved links from awesome finds – – that you probably wouldn’t mind knowing about!  Because they would all make some pretty awesome gifts this Christmas…

So, here are some of my favorite things [some I’ve used and some I want!] to hopefully help inspire you to fill any holes in your shopping list.  These will all definitely be focused on natural living/sustainability and on creativity – plus good quality and referrals!

I was also able to mostly share links that would give me a small commission for my referral if you purchase through that link.  So if you love it, please come through this post to buy it. 🙂

I’ve created some categories for this list, and I think you’ll find great options for either men or women of many different tastes.  Both small and larger items are included – because I really enjoy grouping small gifts into a sort of “themed” larger gift.

Creative and Natural Gift Ideas


  • This Bath Tray is PERFECT for a gift collection focused on relaxation or spoiling themselves – – or just for that person who adores a nice long soak.
    {You should also add this delicious Bath Oil & Bath Pillow set!}
  • Try combining a Charcoal Sponge {Google the skin benefits!}, an essential oil-infused Bath Bar & Case, and a Wood Hairbrush set (or this Boar-Bristle Brush) into a gift basket. They all create that healthy, beautiful glow!
  • You can’t go wrong with a Hand and Foot Care set of Skinscrub and Body Butter.  Add these little Massage Tools for someone who is that hard worker who could do with a little more time to spend on themselves.
  • Ballet/Yoga/Pilates merged fitness is all the rage, especially for women, right now – – and for good reason!  Encourage someone that would love to get the studio effect at home with this Ballet Beautiful DVD or a subscription to


  • You MUST click on this Salt Gun!  Who do you know that is a big kid and would get a total kick out of this???
  • I  like this Wood Magnet Block Puzzle for someone who enjoys “fiddling” with their hands. It would be great for a student or someone else who spends long hours at a desk.
  • I gave these Magnet Letters to my sister as part of her wedding gift.  She loves quotes and mind-tickling thoughts – and I could see her and her new husband leaving each other silly notes!



  • I think there may be more Hydro Flasks in use in Hawai’i then in the rest of the world all together!  They are popular because they are truly that awesome.  I use mine for coffee {to keep it HOT}, but these on-the-go drink bottles also keep ice frozen all day long.
  • Life factory makes my favorite water bottle!  The glass does not shatter easily – – although I would suggest choosing the Hydro Flask for extra klutzy gift-ees.
  • Trust me.  I would LOVE to find these Cotton Produce Bags under the tree!  You could add a set of reusable Bees Wrap for an even better sustainable-living gift.
  • Or – give a gift that doesn’t stop giving with this subscription to a monthly delivery of a sustainable/natural-living product!  I have really enjoyed my Mighty Fix Subscription!


  • I am so intrigued by the Weaving and Macrame trend!  I want to try it all…  This beautiful DIY Woven Art Book will help the lust-filled Creative get their hands in their newest project.
  • I do NOT own this Sewing Machine, and I so regret it!  This one comes recommended by one of my favorite DIY/Decorator Bloggers who knows her stuff when it comes to tools like this.
  • Have I ever mentioned my secret desire to learn to paint?  I’ve been told that this Paint Set is a great place to start letting that inner artist out.  Add a pad of heavy Painting Paper.



  • If the mantra, “JUST EAT REAL FOOD!” resonates with you for someone you know – then the book, In Defense of Food, by Michael Pollan, is the right choice.  He may be the ultimate Foodie!
  • I have been salivating over this Jamie Oliver at Home cookbook ever since it came out.  Look up Jamie Oliver on YouTube or at to get a glimpse of his draw-you-in personality and passion for changing the world’s view of the food we eat.
  • Chantal is a classic and respected brand that makes toxin-free products.  This Casserole Dish is attractive, great quality, and won’t break the bank.
  • The Blendtec Blender is equivalent to the Vitamix, but at least $100 cheaper!  Who do you know has been dying for one of these ultra-powered food prep machines?
  • I was never going to forget the COFFEE LOVERS!  I recently switched to pour-over coffee, and I haven’t looked back.  It’s an entire new level of control to create exactly what you want to drink. 😉  Combine this Pouring Kettle and my favorite Chemex Carafe to get the biggest thank you hug ever.


  • The Magic of Ordinary Days is on my reading list.  I am expecting it to be as sweet as the Hallmark movie and the reviews!
  • Hotel On the Corner of Bitter & Sweet is about a young Asian boy and girl coming of age during World War 2, and the challenges they faced due to the prevailing fear and prejudice surrounding them in their home in 1940’s Seattle. EX.CELL.ANT.
  • The Message Bible
    Because. Someone always needs a new Bible!  This one is on my list!  I really like it’s size and presentation, and this idiomatic translation flows beautifully and really helps me towards it’s stated goal to Read. Think. Pray. Live.
  • Brene Brown seems to be on everyone’s reading list!  I have this book, Rising Strong, and a few others ready to listen to in Audible.  This is for the person who is all about challenging themselves and personal development.

What do you think?  Has my list been helpful so far?
I actually have a LOT more that I could share!  I am a former teacher who still tries to hoard the best kid’s toys and books.  And then there are all of the small businesses and products that directly impact a person or community in need when purchased.

Should I do another post with links for top quality gifts for kids?  I am also a girl with an eye on a deal [as noted by the number of times I may have used that word in this list!]. That is always a great combo with QUALITY.

And I would really be so happy if you would share your top gift recommendations back to me!  I still have a few tough spots to fill in on my own shopping list!

Happy Holidays + Merry Christmas to you!


DIY Home Spa with Essential Oils

>> 5 printables included in this post for you!

Every day is a good day for some extra self-care.
And while we may not be able to make it a full day at the SPA – – it’s actually pretty easy to recreate similar effects at home.  It just requires the same deliberate scheduling {and a LOT less money & travel!}

If we are going to talk about self-care and relaxation with the goal of stress-relief and health-supporting, then we MUST be talking about essential oils!  Just open the bottle and INHALE – and you are already shifting everything… #magical
But de-stressing and re-setting really requires whole body support.  And what better way to treat the entire body then to focus on the SKIN?

I am super picky about what I put on my skin.  It is our 2nd largest organ {do you know the 1st largest??}, and needs to be fed on the outside with just as much care as we should be feeding the inside.  So I choose only the best, pure & trustworthy, Essential Oils and other products.

While I am a total creative, I also appreciate an awesome product that someone else has put the time in to create for me!  If you are looking for some great pre-made options, message me and I will be happy to share my favorites!

But sometimes, you just need to create something unique to meet your own personal needs for the day.  Or – and this is me! – you need to have your own hands putting together the perfect gift for that person who needs some extra self-care support.  So I have gathered some favorite DIY Home SPA self-care recipes from my Essential Oil and Uluwehilifestyles business partners.
We are happy to share these printables with you. And we are so curious to learn which is your favorite!  Any guesses which one is mine?

>> INHALE CLEAN with Lavender & Oatmeal Goat’s Milk Soap.  Making your own soap has never been easier – – if you didn’t already know that it doesn’t have to be a scary project!

DIY Lavender Essential Oil & Oatmeal Goat's Milk Soap
created by Kati Callahan [Essentially Kati]
>> SOAK YOUR WORRIES AWAY with your favorite scents while you Relax & Reset in Mixed Bath Salts.

Relax & Reset Mixed Bath Salts with Essential Oils

>> Keep your skin NOURISHED & SMOOTH and KISSABLE lips with yummy Coconut Oil Salt [or Sugar] Scrub.

Be sure to be cautious if you use this in the shower! The coconut oil may leave your tub a little slippery. *Vinegar + Castile soap + doTERRA Lemon Essential oil works wonders for un-greasing your tub*

Coconut Oil & Essential Oils Lip Scrub
created by Kati Callahan [Essentially Kati]
>> Every inch of skin will remain feeling SO PRETTY all Winter long with your own personalized Soothing Whipped Shea Butter.  This recipe is full of all the secret weapons to protect from dry, scaly skin!  We are happy to offer suggestions for the best Essential Oils to help personalize this butter for you.

Soothing DIY Whipped Shea Butter with Essential Oils
created by Kati Callahan [Essentially Kati]
>> RE-FRESH yourself and your environment with Aromatherapy.  A simple Essential Oil Reed Diffuser is beautiful and effective as you breathe in these powerful and therapeutic aromatics.

DIY Essenial Oil Reed Diffuser

**We highly recommend using only Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and certified organic or trusted providers for all other ingredients.

These recipes are all tried and true favorites.  We hope you are inspired now to take some time out for YOU – – either picking up ingredients or pre-made {skin-nourishing} products to DIY your own SPA at home AND maybe even scheduling a special treatment at a professional SPA.  You and your entire body are worth that kind of care.

What is your favorite way to re-create the SPA at home?  We’d love to learn from you here or on Facebook!


November In Harmony Magazine

I totally forgot to share our team’s November online magazine here!
Better late than never…  😉
I definitely did NOT want you to miss out on the offerings compiled by my gifted IN HARMONY partners here:

Express Yourself - In Harmony Magazine November, 2016

How are you taking a leap of FAITH to boldly express yourself – – the gifts and passions within YOU?

The world needs you to be generous with who you are.

This month’s edition is all about finding courage to show your own spirit and character.  And the power of Creation is fully behind you!  Browse the pages to be inspired by the flow of nature’s rhythms; to grasp the power of your words; or to apply essential oils both practically and as “magical potions” to accomplish those daily life goals.

Are you a creative? Nature-lover? Inquisitive? Empathic?   I think there is something here for everyone.  If you love it – please share!

What page did you enjoy most this month?  I am loving all of them – – but definitely this month’s affirmations and tattoo care! {NO – I do not have a tattoo and have no current plans to get one! I just love the shared content and results from one of my sweet friends. 🙂 }