Let’s Introduce Ourselves!

Thanks for stopping by! I am Danielle – sometimes Uluwehigirl – and I hope you will take a second to comment somewhere to introduce yourself and say hello!
For now, let’s pretend we are having one of those awesome chats over coffee with someone new, and discovering everything we do and do not have in common. {both are fun!}

So here are a few things about me…
::  You will see a bit of Hawai`i references around here. It’s where I’m from!    I am living in Dallas right now – – still a newbie to the mainland (Hawaiian term!) and not always sure why I’m here and not home…   ::   Are you interested in anything to do with natural living???  If you are, we are totally going to have stuff to talk about!   I am a natural health & food/plastic-free [goal!]/composting/no toxin zone junkie.  I try to be balanced and realistic with these choices. But you can call me Crunchy. Or crazy. Or the Voo-doo Lady. And especially friend. I’m cool with it all.   ::

::   What is your favorite TV channel/show?   If you said HGTV – – ahhhh… Thank you for sharing my obsessions! Which show?  {I am also currently into  ABC’s Blindspot, The Voice, and NBC’s Chicago Med.  Anyone??}   I get excited about DIY projects, gifts, decor – something creative & beautiful – that can say something about who I am.  I’d rather know what works. So here’s the deal: I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours!  Sharing is caring.   ::   BOOKS. I may have a problem. I have a lot of them… Like, “a LOT” a lot…   I am a reader, and I actually prefer to read what I call fluff. Seriously.  I could totally binge on a “junk food” literature diet!  But I also love to learn! I have stacks of personal development and natural health books all over. I really want to get in a Book Club again. It does great things for my Amazon Save For Later cart…   ::

::   ummm… Working out. If you work out, please encourage me! It’s my weak point {one of them!} – – for lot’s of reasons. Right now I am into Yoga, fascia-rolling, and Barre workouts.   I am finagling my budget to get into a Barre studio.  I have a lot of work to do. And I’m gonna do it!   ::   I love PARTIES! (should I talk about partying after working out??) Give me a good theme and a group of friends coming over, and I am seriously excited. Dinner Clubs, anyone? Clean food, of course!   ::

::   People introduce me as the essential oil lady – – probably because I am always pulling them out to use and give away!   Out of all of the natural health solutions I use or have used, essential oils are by far the most amazing and versatile. Oh – and affordable!   I also adore the company I work with – – to get my own oils and as a personal business, YAY!!  These oils are the best gift I can offer to anyone. Ask me about EO’s anytime.   ::   This part is sad.  I kill plants…  I can compost some great soil though! And I am still praying for a greener thumb…  I try to keep at least one plant in a mostly healthy state in my apartment.   ::

::   I enjoy exploring new places. But not if I have to drive too far to get there!  I am an island girl!  Where MUST I explore in Texas?? Is it better than the beach? And there can’t be snakes. #IslandGirl.   ::   I don’t have my own kids, but I talk about them a ton!   Teaching for a dozen years will do that to you… I’ve got some stories to tell!   ::   I really enjoy Facebook. Come be my friend there too!   I wish I was an awesome photographer with beautiful images to post.  But I take tons of pictures anyway. Don’t judge when I post.  I’m an average-picture poster.  ::

::   Are you a mix of opposites too? I am both a rule-keeper and breaker. I like some risks, but avoid others at all costs. I can be disciplined in one area, but feel out of control in the next. I’m always looking for an adventure – – but then staying home too much!   I am so grateful for the gift of life.  But way too often, I find myself just trying to keep up with the living of it – but not really living it…  Do you know what I mean?    That is one reason why I have this blog.  ULUWEHI  is all about ways I am learning how to [grow beautiful life].    Grow – because it’s a step-by-step, and not always fast, process.  Beautiful – I want to be that person who celebrates every moment!  Life – choosing daily living that is truly life-giving.   ::

For me, that has looked like discovering a way of life that is as close to Creation as I can get it today.  It may not look exactly like someone else’s vision.  But that’s okay.  We’re all growing in our own way.  I like to nurture my growing by choosing the very best I can of everything – – from the food I eat, to my home environment, my health, fun… You get the idea!  #spoilyourself – – And always share those best things with your friends & family!

I want to make everything I do something worth celebrating.  But celebrating is always most exciting with other people around, and that’s where you come in!  I would love to share my natural lifestyle solutions, creativity brainstorms, & general craziness in my life celebrations with you – – if you will share yours with me!

Life-growing is so much better {and more beautiful} together.

I’d love to hear from you! Drop me a note at uluwehilifestyles at gmail dot com. Or comment somewhere here. Or join in the fun on Facebook.
If you like some of what you see, be sure to sign up for my email newsletter, where I will give all my latest & greatest thoughts & finds {I’ve got more than what’s here!}.  Can’t wait to get to know you!
Let's chat over coffee!


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