Happy & Healthy Holiday {and everyday!}

Are you like me and trying as hard as you can to enjoy this holiday season to the fullest – – and still get everything done?
I absolutely cannot figure out how on earth I am still feeling insanely busy, when I actually have less on my plate than I have in past years…

I think one of the most frustrating things is that when life is the busiest, that is when health issues and even emotional issues tend to slam us the worst!  Amiright?   In fact, I can begin to get frustrated and even upset, because those things are keeping me from that picture-perfect memory that I want.  Maybe you can relate…

Sometimes it’s just feeling over-tired and stressed – and in less than preferred health, or maybe it’s dealing with a more specific illness or chronic challenges.  And of course, the holidays can stir up all types of emotional and relational issues…   (I don’t need to elaborate!)  It’s a vulnerable time.

And I don’t know about you – – but I don’t have time for vulnerability or feeling less than great!

I find that I most often get out of the “blah” feelings and move towards where I really want to be after little reminders and encouragement from someone in my life.  So I want to share some of my basic tips for a healthy and happy holiday with you!  And please share yours in return.  One of them is exactly what someone needs to hear!

I’m not sure where I found this graphic – but it  is sooo on point!
Happy & Healthy HolidayI think we would all agree that we want everything on the list happening – – but the making it happen… THAT’s the real challenge!
Look here and on Facebook over the next week for resources and totally doable suggestions to make this Healthy and Happy Holiday a reality.

I’m curious.
Would you add something to this list? What specific things are you dealing with – – that do NOT fall in the happy & healthy category?

Let’s start our conversation, and see who has that exact reminder/solution that you need!  Comment with your thoughts and stories. 🙂



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