Healthy & Happy {Savor the Treats!}

I know what you might be thinking… but this title is totally not an oxymoron!

I promise that you can completely enjoy all the delicious holiday flavors and celebratory foods, without guilt!  Savoring enough of the right kind of foods is also the foundational secret to improving your health & emotional state at anytime, not just now.

Let’s start with the savoring!

sa·vor  [ˈsāvər/]   verb
taste (good food or drink) and enjoy it completely.

There. You have permission!

Imagine taking a bite of the most delicious food you have ever tasted.  It is so amazing that you hold it on your tongue, because you don’t want to lose the flavor.  You take tiny bites to make your serving last as long as possible, and it is probably a small serving because it is so rich-tasting…

Enjoy your holiday treats just like this description.  Choose foods in moderate amounts (you get to enjoy more that way!) and take your time.  If something doesn’t meet that savor taste-test, don’t finish it.  Reserve only the best treats for yourself this season!

I have some super simple suggestions that work well for me.  I’ll be sharing in more detail on Facebook today, so keep an eye out there!

  1. Spoil yourself by choosing to enjoy only the absolute best.  Don’t waste your time or taste on anything below par!
    Avoid the processed “treats” and focus on the ones that have real flavors bursting in your mouth!  Choose fresh foods and organic whenever possible, even if only in one ingredient.  These steps alone will make more difference than you can imagine as the poor effects of chemicals, toxins, and excess sugars are reduced in your body.  Plus organic foods really DO taste better! is my favorite resource for real-life, doable recipes and conversations about this.
  1. Keep your special treats simple.
    If the thought of baking Christmas cookies stresses you out, but you do want cookies, then choose simple recipes like these delicious and Omega 3-filled Chocolate No-Bake Cookies.  You can also still enjoy old favorite recipes.  I substitute organic ingredients (there is an especially huge difference between organic and non-organic sugar!) and very often reduce the amount of sugar.  These are the pies I made for Thanksgiving – – and I promise that they are all delicious and healthy!  Heathy Eating Thanksgiving PiesThese are some of my favorite recipe resources right now:  || ||  || GOOGLE! (type “healthy – or clean eating – _________ cookies” or whatever you are craving!)
    Right now I treat myself to organic egg-nog (I love it heated with spices sprinkled on top!), organic hot apple cider (apple juice & a cider spice bag), and a small portion of a simple baked treat that I keep on hand.  I always have my favorite dark chocolate on hand to nibble on, and I try to plan several meals a week that I am looking forward to enjoying!
    {TIP:  Having your own quality treats at home makes it easier to say no to the lesser quality options elsewhere! Plan a date with a mug & a plate.}
  1. Make your plate beautiful!
    I am not very good at this.  But it is such a great strategy!  Whether at home or a party, spread out your food in a pattern or attractive arrangement.  This will remind you to slow down and savor – – and also keep you from piling your plate! #guilty
    I also have smaller-sized plates as my dinner plates to help keep my portion sizes more realistic.  I can eat a LOT if I’m not paying attention!
  1. Bring your own food.
    If you aren’t sure if food will be available that meets those standards of spoiling yourself, offer to bring a dish!  This doesn’t have to add pressure to your to-do list.  I recently took a pre-made pizza crust and toppings (sauce, spinach, sausage, & cheese) to a party and assembled and baked it there.  It took just a few minutes, and was all organic and totally delicious!
    Other easy options to help fill at least your plate are sliced fruit or veggies (5 minute prep!), nuts, or organic chips & dip (Costco has large containers for great prices!).
  1. Enjoy the basic health foods first!
    I always fill my plate with veggies and some fruit before eating anything else at a party.  It will take the edge off of your hunger and any sugar cravings.  And you can enjoy those flavors with the knowledge that you building a healthier and happier you with every bite!  If you don’t love the fresh produce on offer, try combining it with another food to find a way to enjoy it.  Or if you can’t find any to enjoy, make a mental commitment to add in a greens-filled smoothie within the next day.  Those nutrients are the foundation of good health – – which is all about WHAT you eat more than how much…
    I am keeping a lot of apples, carrot sticks, and salad greens on hand for quick shots of nutrition.  They are also easy to carry with me on the go!
  1. Speaking of nutrients…  Getting enough of them is tough at any time of the year, not to mention this one!  Definitely invest in a whole food-based supplement.  You will very likely be shocked at the difference it makes…
    I promote two great options that have been catalysts for great immunity and energy for myself.  One is straight up fruits & veggies in a pill (not kidding!), and the other is a mind-blowing combination of a whole food supplement, plant-based cellular energy support, and the best Omega 3 supplement ever!  Both come from sources I trust completely and have given amazing results to dozens of people that I know.  Email or message me if you’d like more info!

Was this helpful?  Please comment to tell me your thoughts.  And now I really want to know YOUR healthy eating tips in return!  I need new inspiration too. 🙂



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