Happy & Healthy {Let’s Move!}

Am I the only one with extra-sore body parts? – – completely from attempting to complete the work that an ENTIRE workshop of elves really should be taking care of for me…

Seriously.  I am stiff and “creaky,” not to mention the challenges we all face in feeling some concern about our food choices right now [see my previous posts on that topic].  I NEED a private trainer and an extra hour every day to keep those holiday side-effects away!  #dreaming

With the holiday schedule, even a simple workout can get pushed to the side.  It is frustrating with how challenging getting exercise can be.  But, really, simple, purposeful movement is one of the most powerful strategies to keep healthy & happy during this crazy week!

I just have a few quick ideas to share – – and be sure keep an eye out for more on Facebook!

Make the time to get to that gentle yoga class – or use a video from online.  While it is not intense cardio that you might be feeling like you need for that cocktail dress to fit a bit better for New Year’s, that hour of muscle-stretching, stress-reducing, and mind-quieting can curb the sugar binges and improve your sleep (which is also fat-busting!).  Even just 5-10 minutes of sun salutations in the morning will help your body and mind get in alignment – – and create an opportunity for a much more successful day.

Or – if you must sit, make it a Yoga pose!
Sheesh.  I need to stop talking and go do some Yoga right now!  Are you with me?

My workplace gave out fitbits to every employee a few weeks ago.  I definitely appreciate the gift and the effort to encourage more activity for people who sit during the entirety of their workday.  But I haven’t opened the package…  I am not a watch kind of girl, and I don’t feel like knowing how FEW steps I get every day will actually encourage me! Lol

However, I have already been attempting to increase my daily steps by walking up and down the stairs most days.  {believe it or not – 16 flights only takes about 10 minutes to walk both down and up!}

I would really like to go for a walk every morning or evening.  But that is just not happening right now!  However, I can do little things like parking farther away from the store, walking 5 minutes rather than stopping my car by my mailbox, or taking the longer route by foot anywhere.  I also stand as often as I can during the workday.

There is nothing quite as motivating as partnering with a friend!  Ask around until you find someone else who knows the value of movement right now.  Try these ideas:

  • meet for Zumba {you have to brush up on your dancing skills before New Year’s Eve – – just in case…
  •  jog/farmer’s market visit
  • playdate at a park – adults walk/jog/etc around the perimeter while kids play
  • long-distance challenge/competition – download a 7-minute workout app and challenge each other to get it in daily.  Post final number of consecutive days together on Facebook to celebrate!

You knew you liked me!  I totally recommend massage as an important way to support good health – – or get you back to it.  There are so many affordable options, like Massage Envy or holiday Groupon deals.  Sometime “splurging” a little on yourself is the best gift you can give to everyone around you.  If you already have a chiropractor plan, consider a quick visit to help as well.

This sounds like an idea for a perfect mini-date night gift to give your spouse – from the comfort of your own bedroom!  Watch a short tutorial and contribute to your family’s well-being at home.

You can also get the benefit of massage by yourself by using a body fascia roller.  Use a foam roller if you have one.  But I highly recommend looking into this hard roller, developed by a man who is a career physical therapist, personal trainer, and fascia (body tissues) expert.  Rolling your fascia can be painful like a deep tissue massage – – but the resulting pain relief is worth every second!  It also activates your lymphatic system, which is the key to a well-functioning immune system.

Whether massage or rolling – – be sure to hydrate well to allow all that released junk to release from your body!  Water also assists the flow of the nervous system, so give it some help to get things back in order.

Ok.  This is not purposeful movement, but did you know you can get some similar benefits by rubbing oils on your skin?  Try adding Cypress oil to Coconut oil as a body moisturizer.  It can assist your entire circulation to open up and flow better.

Essential oils are also my go-to for dealing with the post-shopping/gift-wrapping aches and pains.  And they work just as well for the more intense too-much-time-between-workouts pains.  Try a soothing blend of oils that include cooling options like Wintergreen (my favorite!) or Peppermint, tree oils like White Fir or Cypress, or calming oils like Lavender or Chamomile.

If you are new to essential oils, or would like to know more about what I think are the best oils in the world, message me to receive more information.

Hopefully these suggestions are completely non-threatening and feel as doable to you as they have been for me.

What has helped you keep moving over these past few weeks?  I always need fresh ideas!



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