Happy & Healthy {Me Time!}

We all really like this healthy-living topic – – but it’s actually probably the most neglected, as far as intentionality goes!

**7 practical Ideas at the end of the post!**

I am all about time for me, but I’m not sure it is always truly rejuvenating activity. {Netflix binging, anyone?}

This is a quite serious point, because deliberate self-care is probably the most important thing you can do to increase health and happiness right now – for both yourself and those around you.

I am no expert… But this keeps coming up for me, and there are a few areas that I am strongly suspecting are the keys to reach goals in multiple other parts of my life… So let’s get some #mefirst self-care action going together, shall we?? {it feels better -less selfish (it’s not!)- that way}

There are never ending posts and advice on this topic, but I think the key word that embodies this to me is JOY.

Joy-giving. I keep seeing this everywhere! Ask yourself, “What brings me joy?

This is the magical question that Marie Kondo [watch this video] has thousands of people asking as they rid their house and lives of all the joy-robbing STUFF and clutter (including activities!) that crowd out the time and space to truly enjoy our lives.  I think we should apply that concept here!
A favorite life coach of mine, Tiffany Peterson, often talks about the high importance of choosing to spend time in activities that bring you joy.  She suggests starting your day with a morning ritual that is completely focused on YOU.

These joy-giving activities could be ~doing your nails ~writing poetry ~taking a walk ~reading a book ~singing or dancing… Anything that is satisfying and brings a smile to your face as you do it.
Can’t seem to find time for this? What needs to go to make room?
I’m not saying every moment and every action has to meet this criteria – but what if they did fit this definition of happiness heard on an episode of Oprah’s Soul Sunday:

“Happiness is the joy you feel moving towards your potential.”

Too often, we neglect ourselves and are actually resistant to joy-filled living because we are afraid of it!  Aaand studies prove that this type of living can improve your health and happiness by a level of 50% or more! {I’ll take it!}

You can keep mulling over the above – and I would love to know where you go with it! – but I thought I would narrow in to some of the top intentional self-care suggestions that are standing out to me lately.

>> Aromatherapy. You knew this would come up! Essential oils have long been known for their dramatic therapeutic benefits for emotions and environment. All it takes is a few drops – on your wrist, clothing, linen, etc. Or get even more infusion by using a diffuser [try making your own, or contact me for my top recommendations]. All quality essential oils work, but some of my favorite oils to promote feeling joyful are anything Citrus, Ylang Ylang, Rosemary, & Lavender. I especially love the Joyful Blend I use!

>> Home Spa. What makes you feel pampered and well-groomed and spoiled? Is it getting your nails done? A facial treatment? Full-body skin or hair treatment? Or that fluffy white robe and special tea? By all means, take this to mean you should visit a real spa – – because having someone else do it for you is always better! But I suspect that taking time out to do this {whatever “this” is for you} for ourselves may begin to communicate the personal value and even self-confidence we’ve been missing…

>> Reading. If you are like me, the internet just about swallows you whole – – and leaves pretty much no brain capacity for actual book reading that just feeds your soul! I have stacks of books that are full of emotion and deep but simple truth- – and I always feel newly-energized and excited after taking those in, even in small portions.  I think that bath & book are calling my name tonight!

>> Baths [with salts & essential oils]. This could be the daily-weekly habit that changes your life. It helps with hormone balance, stress reduction, muscle relaxing, serious detoxing, and so much more! Grab a cup of tea and the top book from the stack by your bed and get in at least 15 minutes soaking tonight.

>> Dark Chocolate. A small piece of organic, 85%+ cocoa content, does all sorts of good things for you… For real.

>> Sleep. I know I just shared about this, but I think it needs mentioning again! Seriously. If we are not doing everything in our power to get that minimum 8 hours – -we are just plain stupid and self-abusive. #speakingtomyself

>> Creativity. Don’t say it!  Someone was about to say they are absolutely not creative!   NOT TRUE.  Every person’s creative spirit is fed in a different way. Take care of your beautiful soul by getting a little lost in what inspires you every day – – for at least a few minutes.
What does that look like for you? Journaling/Drawing or Painting/Crafting/Cooking/Designing/Something Else…
If you aren’t sure, try something! I’d love to know your answer either way – – as well as any other thoughts triggered here.

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Be Joyful


One thought on “Happy & Healthy {Me Time!}

  1. lol, coffee. My morning coffee brings me a ridiculous about of joy 🙂

    Loved reading your post! Hope you had a happy Christmas and New Years!

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