Detox Diaries

Detox DiariesI have been feeling completely frustrated with some things going on in my body recently. {I’ll list a few below}  I reached the #enoughisenough point – – and this weekend, and probably longer, is dedicated to some serious detoxing.

I know other people may be in similar places, or just might be curious about detoxing experiences.  So feel free to follow along with mine, if you wish.

I am a person who is very pro-active about my health, and it’s also a part of my actual job! So I am absolutely not okay with a status that is not at my optimum potential.  Now, pro-active I may be, but perfect I am not!  So if you are here to find someone who has it all figured out and happening ~ please feel free to email me and I will send you some links for others who fit that description. 🙂
I do eat committed organic & clean / practice daily health habits / keep a toxin-free home / apply immunity-building natural health tools / use nature-based remedies & practitioners only / research for my own answers & solutions / etc.
I believe this situation is a result of long-term extreme physical, mental, emotional stress {long story} that caused significant damage that has built up over time.

So – back to…


A few of the things I want dealt with include:
:: Recovery from a season of dealing with Depression {I’m feeling ready to share more about this soon!}.
:: Continued Emotional, Mental, & Spiritual healing from the life circumstances that lead to the depression.
:: Dull-ish skin & hair – – they should be glowing! (and have been in the past)  These are first signs of overall well-being.
:: Sleep schedule problems, which are definitely culprit in all of this.
:: Slow but continuous weight gain, especially in thighs, hips, & belly.  I have not gained weight in years, and do not have any obvious life-contributing factors to blame for it.
:: Appetite shifts – – I’ve noticed poor digestion and nutrient absorption, which does not fit my diet.
:: Signs of sluggish lymphatic drainage (other than skin & hair).
:: Adrenal/Thyroid imbalance & obvious symptoms that need to go away.
:: I know my body!  And I know when something(s) are completely off…

If you are wondering why I am focused on detoxing, my main goal is really to give my body a full reset.  And, because I can tell that my lymphatic system is operating on a sluggish level, there is definitely toxic build-up going on.  Detoxing is meant to gently & supportively, but firmly, push the body to release and flush out toxins.

>> I do NOT support most {read “any”} FAD detoxes!!! Watch out for harsh methods & inappropriate targeted results.

Unfortunately, most of us fail to complete the reset by re-building and setting up protection from repeat stalls.  This is serious, because toxins = illness & disease & not-beautiful-life!

If you are curious, feel free to follow along in my #detoxdiaries here and on Facebook. I plan to try to keep a record for my own tracking & benefit, and maybe as helpful inspiration for someone else.  Look for the #detoxdiaries tag, as I will be sharing resources I’ve used, along with my various strategies & results.

Blame any crazy content on those nasty toxins exiting!




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