The Plan {Detox Diaries}

I am still formulating everything I am going to do.  But I began over the last few weeks, and then in an intensive session last week, with some serious research & note-taking.

And if you are feeling worried about the dangers of self-diagnosis – – don’t worry!  No cancer or other scary disease presumptions here!
I always research from a holistic health perspective, which looks at the entire body & focuses on supportive actions that I can easily take on my own. And I am a strong proponent of getting support whenever I need it from other Wellness Coaches, holistic doctors, etc.  I have at least 5 people I know I can call personally or make a formal appointment with.

My Strategy
I type in the issues I am concerned about, along with the terms “ayruvedic” or “Chinese Medicine” – two of the world’s oldest medical systems.  Both look at the whole body, and it doesn’t take long to spot relationships in what I am researching, which help me narrow in to a specific body system that needs support. It’s #empowerment to care for myself.

The main results I found in this case were {get ready!} “yang deficiency causing internal collection of cold-dampness” and Spleen deficiency, related to the Earth Element of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  Basically, my body should be warm (not hot) & balanced in moisture internally to function well. And the spleen is the largest Lymph organ, so deficient spleen signifies toxic buildup! The spleen is a huge part of moving toxins out, as well as maintaining defense systems like white blood cells.  This is not a diagnosis. But it is a way to become aware of exactly what I can do to provide support that my body desperately needs.
I have worked with enough professional natural practitioners that I am able to weed through search results to find actual helpful & applicable information.  And I do know what all of that terminology means – – with some quick additional reading as needed!

Anyone can do this!

It just takes self-education, practice, & experience – – along with a strong trust in your body’s innate intuition for healing. I will have to tell a few of my stories sometime of how this trust + research have often come together to cause answers to fall in to place!

Results can also be extremely overwhelming, because they can seem to vary widely and have many different directions to choose from. I felt some definite overwhelm, but 8 pages of scrawled notes & a fat bookmark folder later and I have everything that stands out to me and ready to type into some semblance of an action plan.
I know some of you are thinking this is way too much work!

But please. Let’s discuss what the doctor would most likely tell me about my list of concerns… #notgoingthere

But it is so empowering and worth it!  NO ONE knows your own body the way you do.  And no one is capable of directing and facilitating your own healing more than you. Support is great! PLEASE work with a coach, doctor [MD or ND], Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, whoever… But take ultimate charge yourself. They will all appreciate that!

Back to the DETOX PLAN…

    >> Daily/Weekly whole-body support through TCM meridian massage / Reflex Point Massage for the Spleen / Increased sleep / Daily Movement / Nutrition & Whole-food based Supplements
    >> Circulation Promotion with a hard roller, essential oil applications, dry brushing, self-massage / Spleen (largest Lymph organ) support
    >> Liquid Fasting (minimum 3 days) / Essential Oils – Oregano, Cellular Health Blend / Trusted Detox Herbal & Oil Blend / Fiber for Gut Scrubbing (Psyllium Husk & Ground Flax Seed) / Coconut Oil – oil pulling & consumption
  4. Essential Oils
    * these are the tools I have most available — plus they are ultra-effective!
    >> Essential Oils for Purification & Tonification of Spleen / Activating Energy & Body Flow / Calming & Stress Reducing Effects / Balancing / Emotional & Mental Clarifying
  5. Mental & Emotional Release
    >> Meditation / Journalling / Prayer / Affirmations
    >> Warming the Body Internally {counteract cold-dampness}
    >> Gut Balance re-build with Bone Broth / Pro-Biotics & Fermented Foods and Drinks
    >> Deep Nutrition Focus with Slow Diet re-integration of Food: Broths / Soups / Lightly Cooked Fruits & Vegetables / Omegas / Grains & Animal Products
    >> Continued Lymphatic Drainage Support

This may still sound a bit ambiguous – or scary! Hello, FASTING. – to you.  But don’t worry! I will be sharing all of these as I put them in action this week. I will also share resources & tools on Facebook, so look for the #detoxdiaries tag to keep up.

I’d love your thoughts..experiences..input along the way!



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