About this Fast… {Detox Diaries}

Detox DiariesDETOX DIARIES update:
So why FASTING?  I can give a brief glimpse of what I’ve learned & previously experienced, along with my current status.  I’ve also included a number of links, because I do not encourage fasting without personal extensive research & support.

Fasting stimulates your sympathetic nervous system, which puts your body in energy-spending active mode. Things start moving & working.
Did you know it is actually something that doctors tell us we should be doing every day? Intermittent fasting has proven benefits, and can really be put into practice easily & well by keeping at least 12-14 hours between your evening meal and breakfast the following morning. Honestly – this is not always that easy for me, so I am constantly working on a better schedule!
Dr. Sara Gottfried, one of my favorite expert MDs, says that this is one of the secrets to “abundant energy, juicy sex drive, & slimmer waistline” because it is actually stimulating your growth hormone – – who knew that was still important?!

Hello! Sign us all up, right???

In my own study, I’ve found that longer-term fasting also has specific detox benefits:

3 days helps the body rid itself of toxins and cleanses the blood.
5 days begins the process of healing and rebuilding the immune system.
10 days will help prevent illness and disease by giving the body time to reverse the damage caused by long-term exposure to dangerous chemicals and toxins.”

But the most important thing to know is to listen to your own body to determine what is best. Water fasting is probably the most efficient fasting cleanse. I don’t always stick to just water, but I think it should make up at least 90% of your fluid intake – – actually all the time!

By the way. There are always definite side-effects to be fully aware of, and I have experienced them all!  Coconut oil is your friend… #yourewelcome

I have previously fasted for 1, 2-3, & also 14 day periods, but this time I am more aware of additional methods, like dry-brushing & oil-pulling, to help enhance the body’s ability to detox well.  I have also learned, by experience, why the Bible talks about fasting & prayer so much. Longer term fasting becomes a serious mind purge as well! I was amazed at the calming and clarifying effects.

Once I have passed some obvious toxin-shedding, which is admittedly not comfortable & requires some will-power, I have found fasting to be very easy – despite concerns about blood sugar balance & daily function. I was cautious about my physical activity level, and always prepared with water and essential oils to help stay balanced & energized. My goal is never weight loss – – although in this case I do want to stimulate my lymphatic system to manage weight appropriately. I have lost as much as 15 pounds within 7 days of fasting, but that loss stabilized through day 14.

It is important to be aware that this type of weight loss comes back very quickly – – and not always in the same places!

I’ve tried to record a bit of how I’ve eased into this detox, and reactions so far.  I will be honest about how I feel from the fasting, since I know many people find the idea scary!

Days 1 – 3
The first day was a workday. So I also prepared to ensure that I would be able to function and do my job well.
I enjoyed one cup of coffee in the morning {yes, I know!}, then sipped on a digestive tea (simmered coriander, fennel, & cumin seeds) all day.  I also prepped Miso broth – chosen because Miso is fermented – with Nori added to help manage this first no-food day.  I actually felt very few light hunger pangs in the late morning and a few more in the late afternoon, which went away after I drank the Miso broth & more water. The tea & Miso helped ease my body in.

I did my usual walk down & up 14 flights of stairs, as well as around the courtyard to catch a few minutes of sun. I only had my usual breathlessness and glistening {read sweat} happening. I don’t recommend strenuous activity while fasting or cleansing, so gage your body carefully before attempting physical activity.

I drove home and did some cleaning in my kitchen, and continued to drink water.  The first day is never that difficult for me, but in previous times, the 2nd & 3rd days were the biggest challenge. So I planned to stick close to home over the weekend!

I slept in late for both of the next few days. Supplements included Juice Plus & my cleansing blend, as well as essential oils both topically & internally. Other than lots of water, I drank some black tea (with essential oils added), Kombucha, & hot milk drinks (with grass-fed, non-homogenized, whole milk & added spices).  Milk is not usually included in a liquid fast, because dairy is a typical gut irritant.  {These other drinks were added as some specific gut support, and the milk also because I found myself really wanting it – so I allowed it! #honest}

On the second day, I walked about 10 minutes each way to Tom Thumb – – looking for raw Kombucha to get my own scoby started. I wish I had planned ahead better to have the scoby’s ready and homemade Kombucha brewing. Tom Thumb was as un-impressive as always, and I ended up walking home & driving to a health food store instead. I was surprised that I felt fine during both the walk & drive!

I spent most of Day 2 typing out my plans & methods for detoxing and rebuilding. The 3rd day found me feeling much more tired. {I took a nap in the late afternoon that lasted more than three hours! And I dreamt about food.} I made sure to focus more on my water intake, but took the day very easily overall – other than a few light projects. I did notice some slight light-headedness when I first got up and again later in the evening when I got up from sitting on the floor. I just grab support & wait for it to settle. Then drink more water!

I was NOT as pro-active as I had intended to be in my action plan for this detox. And it is way too easy to excuse myself for the moment, because – come onI am not eating!  #sorryformyself

Now it’s decision time! Continue the liquid/water fast?  Or move into the re-build phase with gut & nutrient supportive liquid foods…
I will most likely continue until I feel like the cleansing/detox goal has been reached. Or until I feel sorry enough for myself. lol!

Thanks for sharing the journey with me!