How to Make Kombucha Starter

Do you know how to make Kombucha?

Every time I pick up a bottle of Kombucha from the store, the price tag makes me cringe!  – kind of like buying a latte at a coffeeshop…  And I ALWAYS tell myself I know I could easily make this for a fraction of that price…  – which is also why I almost always make my own coffee at home!
Kombucha is not something I want to give up –  because of the awesome gut & health benefits. But both the cost and my natural procrastination tendencies were an issue for way too long.  I do this all. the. time.  I get an awesome idea, but then I think I get scared of exactly how much investment this new thing might require, and I slow way down…  Am I alone in this?

I started by doing a little research, because I really don’t care for getting caught up in a FAD.
Here are some answers to questions I had:

  1. Do I have to be a natural health & living GURU in order to make this??  NO – Kombucha is made with just tea, sugar, & water.  And microbes (the good kind).

    If you can make sweet tea, you can make Kombucha.

  2. Most Kombucha is made with black tea (I like this brand – affiliate link), but you can also use non-fragrant white, green or oolong tea.
  3. Don’t be worried about the sugar!  The sugar feeds the bacteria/yeast culture growing in your brew, and the drink actually can help regulate blood sugar.
  4. When first starting, it is best to use regular sugar (rather than molasses, honey, etc). I use organic cane or coconut sugar (affiliate link).
  5. The mushroom-looking thing you see in brewing pictures is called a SCOBY. SCOBY stands for “symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast.” It is the “mother” of your fermentation process, while also protecting your brew from bad bacteria.
  6. You can get a SCOBY by growing your own [I’ll share the link I used!] from raw Kombucha, getting one from a friend, or purchasing one online (affiliate link).
  7. Kombucha is fermented.  All fermented foods/vinegars contain trace amounts of alcohol. Keep your Kombucha on the sweeter – not as vinegary – side to reduce alcohol content.
  8. This is a probiotic beverage. Health benefits include gut support – such as improved digestion, deterring Candida (bad yeast) overgrowth, detoxification, immune support, increased energy & clear-thinking, and more!
  9. and – the big one! – IT IS TOTALLY EASY AND CHEAP TO MAKE MY OWN…

I used Google to ask my questions, and I was happy to find plenty of answers on websites that I already know and trust.  I really don’t listen to everything I read on the internet!

Since I didn’t know of anyone in my local community who was already brewing Kombucha, I decided to grow my own SCOBY.  Guys – it was soon easy! Why did I not do this before?

I found this link with instructions on how to use purchased raw, unflavored, Kombucha to start growing a SCOBY, and after a few weeks of procrastinating, I made a special trip to the store to get a bottle.  I made sure to get a good organic brand, like GT Kombucha (affiliate link).

And I created my starter brew within a few hours – the time it took my sweet tea to cool completely!

Make Your Own Kombucha with GT Kombucha

Please follow the recipe, but it’s basically combining a 1 to 7 ratio of Kombucha and sweet tea in wide mouth glass (no plastic for Kombucha!) jars (affiliate link).
TIP: make sure your purchased Kombucha is room temperature before combining.
TIP2: save money & use jars saved from recycling. Mine used to hold spaghetti sauce or coconut oil.
Cover the jars with a thin protecting cloth.  I use flour sack towels (affiliate link) & rubber bands.
Then I just shoved things around on my kitchen counters to create space for my distillery (lol!) and started what I am REALLY GOOD AT.            WAITING…

My SCOBY started forming by the end of the first week.

Make Your Own Kombucha Growing Scobies

And, I have to tell you, I was silly-excited!  Oh – and can I just say that I want to laugh everytime I say the word “SCOBY???”

How to Make Kombucha Instagram Post @Uluwehigirl I have Scobies!

And that’s how easy it is to get your very own Kombucha starter!
But I do have to confess something…
That WAITING I mentioned??? It may or may not have lasted about 6 weeks before I followed the next beyond-easy-why-would-I-be-waiting step to make the actual beverage!
I do NOT recommend this.  It is totally unnecessary – and can create super vinegary flavor and monster SCOBY blobs!

Obviously I need to include more new activities in my life!  Or maybe I have too many???  Or maybe I need a good gut & brain clarifying probiotic drink in my diet? 😉
Either way – learn from me  and my craziness!
I’ll share a video in my next post to tell you just how easy it was to start drinking my own Kombucha – plus what a kick I got out of opening a bottle to fizzy bubbles!

OH – and if you are in the Dallas area – I now have TONS of SCOBIES to share.  Message me and I will give you one, over a glass of Kombucha tea, of course!  And then you’ll know how to make Kombucha at your house. 🙂


**Affiliate links provide me with a small commission if you make a purchase through my provided link.  Thanks for your support!

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