How to Make Kombucha

Really – you don’t need me to tell you how to make kombucha.
If you can make sweet tea – and if you are good at forgetting about things for a week at a time – then you’ve already got this!

Did you read my last post about how to make kombucha starter?  And I also shared in this online magazine.  So maybe you’ve already heard a hint of how I psyched myself out over this “new” thing and procrastinated way too long to get a finished product.  And now, knowing how super simple it is, I just have to laugh at myself…

PLUS – I do NOT want to miss out on all the benefits of this drink!  I’ve read of benefits from helping to balance blood sugars to increased energy to weight loss.  And I even have a story to share:

Once you’ve purchased, been given [ask me!!!], or grown your own SCOBIES (starter culture), it’s just one week and five easy steps to your very own delicious and home-made, gut-healing, probiotic beverage.

How to Make Kombucha

  1. Make a fresh batch of sweet tea (see previous post) and let it cool to room temperature.
  2. Add fresh tea and some of your fermented kombucha tea (about a 5:1 ratio) with a healthy SCOBY to a wide mouth glass jar. [affiliate link]
  3. Cover with a thin cloth and rubber band to seal against pests and allow to ferment for one week (less time for sweeter brew and longer for more vinegar flavor; add sweet tea if brewing longer).
  4. Pour fresh kombucha into glass bottles (rubber or plastic covers only) over flavorings of your choice (the fun part!).
  5. Allow bottled booch (that is now a word!) to rest at room temperature for several days, then refrigerate until ready to enjoy!

Creating your own flavors is the fun part!
I’ve used whatever I had on hand – including crushed blackberries; ginger & lemon; ginger & lime, and cherries & lime.  

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And the FIZZ!!!!  I can’t help it!  Little things make me happy…

It’s soooo much fun – – until your blackberry flavor fizzes all over your couch.  #donotshake
And thank God for essential oils to remove the stains!

And that quickly – – you will have your own in-house probiotic, saving money from the too-high-priced store brands and building immunity by growing awesome gut bacteria.  And I suspect your entire family will be sneaking extra servings and begging for their favorite flavors.

By the way – you can also make large portions of kombucha by brewing in a large glass beverage dispenser with a spigot. [affiliate link – or this one]  Like any good thing though – – drink this in moderation!  Kombucha should never replace water, which is even more important for a healthy gut.  But I do think this is a great option for kicking a soda habit…

In just a few weeks, you will have an overflow of SCOBIES.  And after all the excitement, I don’t want to throw any of them out!  I googled and learned how to set up a SCOBY hotel – – although my first hotel is already full.  My next project is to search for other ways to use all of this yummy healthy bacteria…  Any ideas?

How to Make Kombuch SCOBY Hotel

A few tips from things I learned:
– Kombucha is a vinegar and a disinfectant! Pour a little brew in your jars or over your hands or cutting board before creating your final blend.  Some people even clean with it!
– You can slice extra fat and healthy SCOBIES (read: left too long) into thinner cultures for better management, storage, or use.
– If your brew is too vinegary, it is less likely to carbonate (no fizz!).
– If going out of town, or you have a build-up of BOOCH, you can store your SCOBIES in your hotel until you are ready to begin fermentation again (refresh your sweet tea every 6 weeks or so)
– Keep it simple! Just set up your brewing station and start fermenting!

How to make kombucha Brew Station

These are the links I’ve found most helpful so far:

And if you aren’t even sure how to pronounce the word – – you aren’t alone. lol

Are you sold and ready to try this for yourself? Please be sure to tag me with a picture or video of you and your brew.  Oh – and would you like a SCOBY???


**Affiliate links provide me with a small commission if you make a purchase through my provided link.  Thanks for your support!

4 thoughts on “How to Make Kombucha

  1. I’ve been brewing kombucha for about 8 months. I knew about scoby hotels but didn’t think about just storing them together. Smart. You have plenty to share!
    I put mine in it’s hotel for a month, came back and started brewing. So easy.
    Last week I started milk kefir.

    1. I haven’t tried milk kefir! But I’ve picked up kits and procrastinated – once again. lol
      Have you found other uses for your SCOBIES? Oh – and have you also tried flavoring kombucha with essential oils? That’s next on my list. 🙂

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