10 Things to Get Healthy Faster

I am often asked what I think are the most important things to do in order to begin eating healthy.  Everyone wants simple steps – – and I get it!  Thinking about making big changes can be really overwhelming.

My lifestyle changes really happened slowly, and often before I even fully realized that I was changing.  But looking back, I can easily pinpoint ten things that I wish I had known from the very beginning.  Hopefully this list will help others see their lives and bodies change faster than I did!

But first, this is absolutely the most important lesson I’ve learned overall:


This is a way of life – – NOT a diet.  ENJOY it!

Sooo important!  There is reason why diets FAIL so often – – and also why “DIE” makes up the majority of the word!  Write this down, and now let’s move on to the 10 things…

  1.  Self-education is key.  Read articles. Watch documentaries (tons on Netflix or Prime). Borrow or invest in books.  Follow blogs.  Get personal coaching or find a  support group (I can help with that!).  Knowledge is empowering!  Once you know something – you can never go back to NOT knowing.  And this is how we change how we think about food, eating, life, etc.
    {we don’t realize how MUCH our brains affect our eating choices or even how our bodies process our food.}
  1.  Be willing to let go of pre-conceptions.  Much of what most people consider to be healthy choices often are not.  THIS MAY BE SHOCKING AT TIMES!  Example: Calories do not matter in healthy eating. {yes, I did just say that – and mean it!}  Example2: Eat high fat foods – healthy fat! – to be thin.  Example3: “ALL-NATURAL”  If you see this label, put it down and don’t even bother reading the label. #advertisinggimmick
    Anything shocking so far?  If not, don’t worry!  It won’t be long. 🙂
  1.  GMO’s are serious business.  Get educated and stop eating genetically modified foods NOW.  Nothing is worth their risk…
    Don’t take my word for it!  I recommend beginning with watching the documentaries Food Inc. or GMO, OMG {affiliate links} or browsing through this website.
  1.  Eat Organic.  If you do nothing else – – just this one choice will make the most dramatic difference in your body, well-being, and quality of life.  It really, truly, even tastes better!  {Of course it does! Who really likes the taste of pesticides or chemicals??}
  1.  Don’t be scared of the financial costs.  Just get started.  The budget will balance out as you begin focusing your spending in new directions, and not in others.  And, of course, always shop wisely with the seasons and sales!
  1.  Just eat REAL FOOD.  Fill your shopping wagon at the market with fresh produce and other single ingredient plant food sources.  Choose fresh meat that is pasture-raised – because you are eating what they ate!  Make processed (packaged) foods an option only if they have 5 ingredients or less – and ALL ingredients must be pronounceable and also “real food.”  Check out this blog to see how following this simple rule changed one family’s life for the better!
  1.  Eating clean and nutritiously will do more for establishing healthy weight {both weight loss and gain} and over-all health than anything else!
    **Health includes physical, mental, & emotional well-being – because what we are powering our bodies with affects them all.
    I have learned that eating right is more important than any amount of exercise, meditation, counseling – – any and all of those super great lifestyle habits.  What we feed ourselves trumps all.
  1.  Beware of hypes and trends!  It is so easy to get caught up in terms and labels, and to forget that advertising companies know how our brains work really well!  I am thinking of things like: “gluten-free”  “juicing”  “super food” or even trendy marketed items like “hummus” or “kombucha.”  These are all great things to learn about and by all means consume – – but none of them are the perfect answer or requirement.
    And please always read those labels.
  1.  Be open to trying new things – {everything!}– – and then try it again some months, or even a year, later.  You will be surprised at what you learn to love!  I now love so many things I refused to even touch until I was close to 30 years old! – –  Brussel sprouts… and brown rice… and whole milk… and artichokes… sauerkraut… and all nuts & seeds…
    I realize now that I was totally missing out because my taste buds were conditioned to such a limited palate.  My enjoyment of food is completely different – – and so much greater!
  1.  Support yourself physically and mentally with a whole-food nutritional supplement {not vitamins!} like JUICE PLUS+ – fruits & vegetables in a pill! –  or a LifeLong Vitality set – whole food supplement, Omega supplement, & cellular health/energy supplement.
    Honestly, I would prefer not to take supplements.  But the facts are, that it is almost impossible to get the nutrition we really need in our diet within our current culture, lifestyle, & economy.  That being said, I am also a total supplement skeptic!  So I only share these particular supplements that have been a definite catalyst and foundation for better health, change, & success for myself and friends.
    Message me for more information about either of these brands. I would love to give you a referral and discounted price!

One more important thought!
You are not alone in trying to make better choices.  There is a strong – and growing! – community forcing the market to create better and more accessible clean, REAL FOOD products.  And this need for personal life change is a common topic of discussion in every group.  It will continue to become easier and easier – just enjoy the journey as you discover what this lifestyle looks like for YOU.

What do you think about my list?  Would you add anything?  I am curious about your experiences!  Let’s chat about getting healthier here – or on Facebook!  I love connecting.


10 Things to Get Healthy Fast

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