Listen to the Moon

Do you find life lessons in your environment like I do?
I am always especially fascinated by the way nature’s design mirrors our design, and truly influences us rather heavily – – more than we usually realize!  Sometimes we get just a glimpse of the amazing, creative, complexity that runs the Universe in perfectly synchronized rhythm.  And I am convinced that there is more that no one has even imagined yet!

The only problem is…  I am way to often off-sync with that rhythm.
I totally identify with this feeling in general.I am often known to state that I have no rhythm, and although you may not know by my dancing – this is not actually true… yay!:)

Everything in the Universe has rhythm.
Everything dances.
                                      – Maya Angelou

I am a part of this Universe.  So I keep trying to challenge myself to recognize the flow – even in glimpses! – that God has put into effect around me, and slowly slip into place.  
Maybe you can relate?

Listen to the Moon

I have friends who closely follow the flow, or “rhythm,” of the moon cycle and how it affects us.  It is fascinating!
As a woman, I am especially intrigued to learn to become more in tune with how my body is linked to the moon’s cycles (just Google how the Full Moon affects birth) and the effect it has on everything from my creativity and relationship responses to the more obvious physical effects.
This is true for men as well! Women are just more sensitive to the influence of these phases.

Today is the start of the New Moon, which is when the sun is fully aligned with the moon.  Traditionally, this phase is viewed as a time for finding balance and alignment in all areas of life.  Finding balance is all about letting go of what is not serving you (behavior, belief, relationships…), and embracing the resulting lightness and freedom while renewing goals and intentions for the days ahead.

The phases and their effects are simple (one source here):

New Moon: time for review & setting new goals
Waxing Moon: time of prolific & creative productivity
Waning Moon: time of completion & enjoying results

As is common for me, I found myself a bit out of step with the Waning Moon this past week.
I accepted an assignment to create specific SMART goals, along with the steps needed to reach them.  For some reason, I could not seem to find enough clarity to put pen to paper.  Today was the deadline I gave myself, but when I walked out of my bedroom this morning, I suddenly recognized the problem!

It had been a chaotic work week.  And as a result, my home was also in some chaos.  It was one of those clicking moments in my mind – – and I immediately followed it to shift to spend the majority of my day cleaning and completing some things that had been only half done.  I didn’t get to everything! But I did enough to intentionally transition the chaotic environment to calm.

IN MY DIFFUSER: Basil [renewal] Bergamot [self-acceptance] Birch [support] Black Pepper [Unmasking]

yes. I did just combine (after an aroma test!) essential oils #2-5 in my emotional aromatherapy book! #keepitsimple #totallyworked
But I still did not pick up my pen!  Instead, I deliberately spent the next hour in focused self-care, which I had been post-poning throughout the week.  Self-care should always be a priority. It makes a difference in everything.

And guess what?   Clearing the chaos around me cleared the chaos in my mind, and I was able to easily verbalize those intentions and upcoming projects.  In fact, it just flowed.

Now, I do know that the right environment and intentional self-care are effective tools for moving forward at any time, but I also wonder how much more consistent and powerful my personal flow would be if I were linking in to the rhythm that has already been set in creation around me.  I’m just curious. 🙂

It is always a great idea to have a reminder in your environment when you want to retain awareness of something new.  {look for my upcoming share on my Vision Board creation!}  I have been wanting some artwork that reflects the moon phases.  Etsy and Amazon have a few that I really like, and now I am eyeing this tea towel that I could hang as art. (affiliate link)
Share your thoughts or links for learning about how to make the most of nature’s rhythm and influence, and I would love any awesome artwork or other moon links!


*Affiliate links provide me with a small commission if you make a purchase through my provided link.  Thanks for your support!


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