November In Harmony Magazine

I totally forgot to share our team’s November online magazine here!
Better late than never…  😉
I definitely did NOT want you to miss out on the offerings compiled by my gifted IN HARMONY partners here:

Express Yourself - In Harmony Magazine November, 2016

How are you taking a leap of FAITH to boldly express yourself – – the gifts and passions within YOU?

The world needs you to be generous with who you are.

This month’s edition is all about finding courage to show your own spirit and character.  And the power of Creation is fully behind you!  Browse the pages to be inspired by the flow of nature’s rhythms; to grasp the power of your words; or to apply essential oils both practically and as “magical potions” to accomplish those daily life goals.

Are you a creative? Nature-lover? Inquisitive? Empathic?   I think there is something here for everyone.  If you love it – please share!

What page did you enjoy most this month?  I am loving all of them – – but definitely this month’s affirmations and tattoo care! {NO – I do not have a tattoo and have no current plans to get one! I just love the shared content and results from one of my sweet friends. 🙂 }



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