Creative & Natural Living Gift Ideas

If you don’t know yet – I am a total resource JUNKIE.  I have TONS of saved links from awesome finds – – that you probably wouldn’t mind knowing about!  Because they would all make some pretty awesome gifts this Christmas…

So, here are some of my favorite things [some I’ve used and some I want!] to hopefully help inspire you to fill any holes in your shopping list.  These will all definitely be focused on natural living/sustainability and on creativity – plus good quality and referrals!

I was also able to mostly share links that would give me a small commission for my referral if you purchase through that link.  So if you love it, please come through this post to buy it. 🙂

I’ve created some categories for this list, and I think you’ll find great options for either men or women of many different tastes.  Both small and larger items are included – because I really enjoy grouping small gifts into a sort of “themed” larger gift.

Creative and Natural Gift Ideas


  • This Bath Tray is PERFECT for a gift collection focused on relaxation or spoiling themselves – – or just for that person who adores a nice long soak.
    {You should also add this delicious Bath Oil & Bath Pillow set!}
  • Try combining a Charcoal Sponge {Google the skin benefits!}, an essential oil-infused Bath Bar & Case, and a Wood Hairbrush set (or this Boar-Bristle Brush) into a gift basket. They all create that healthy, beautiful glow!
  • You can’t go wrong with a Hand and Foot Care set of Skinscrub and Body Butter.  Add these little Massage Tools for someone who is that hard worker who could do with a little more time to spend on themselves.
  • Ballet/Yoga/Pilates merged fitness is all the rage, especially for women, right now – – and for good reason!  Encourage someone that would love to get the studio effect at home with this Ballet Beautiful DVD or a subscription to


  • You MUST click on this Salt Gun!  Who do you know that is a big kid and would get a total kick out of this???
  • I  like this Wood Magnet Block Puzzle for someone who enjoys “fiddling” with their hands. It would be great for a student or someone else who spends long hours at a desk.
  • I gave these Magnet Letters to my sister as part of her wedding gift.  She loves quotes and mind-tickling thoughts – and I could see her and her new husband leaving each other silly notes!



  • I think there may be more Hydro Flasks in use in Hawai’i then in the rest of the world all together!  They are popular because they are truly that awesome.  I use mine for coffee {to keep it HOT}, but these on-the-go drink bottles also keep ice frozen all day long.
  • Life factory makes my favorite water bottle!  The glass does not shatter easily – – although I would suggest choosing the Hydro Flask for extra klutzy gift-ees.
  • Trust me.  I would LOVE to find these Cotton Produce Bags under the tree!  You could add a set of reusable Bees Wrap for an even better sustainable-living gift.
  • Or – give a gift that doesn’t stop giving with this subscription to a monthly delivery of a sustainable/natural-living product!  I have really enjoyed my Mighty Fix Subscription!


  • I am so intrigued by the Weaving and Macrame trend!  I want to try it all…  This beautiful DIY Woven Art Book will help the lust-filled Creative get their hands in their newest project.
  • I do NOT own this Sewing Machine, and I so regret it!  This one comes recommended by one of my favorite DIY/Decorator Bloggers who knows her stuff when it comes to tools like this.
  • Have I ever mentioned my secret desire to learn to paint?  I’ve been told that this Paint Set is a great place to start letting that inner artist out.  Add a pad of heavy Painting Paper.



  • If the mantra, “JUST EAT REAL FOOD!” resonates with you for someone you know – then the book, In Defense of Food, by Michael Pollan, is the right choice.  He may be the ultimate Foodie!
  • I have been salivating over this Jamie Oliver at Home cookbook ever since it came out.  Look up Jamie Oliver on YouTube or at to get a glimpse of his draw-you-in personality and passion for changing the world’s view of the food we eat.
  • Chantal is a classic and respected brand that makes toxin-free products.  This Casserole Dish is attractive, great quality, and won’t break the bank.
  • The Blendtec Blender is equivalent to the Vitamix, but at least $100 cheaper!  Who do you know has been dying for one of these ultra-powered food prep machines?
  • I was never going to forget the COFFEE LOVERS!  I recently switched to pour-over coffee, and I haven’t looked back.  It’s an entire new level of control to create exactly what you want to drink. 😉  Combine this Pouring Kettle and my favorite Chemex Carafe to get the biggest thank you hug ever.


  • The Magic of Ordinary Days is on my reading list.  I am expecting it to be as sweet as the Hallmark movie and the reviews!
  • Hotel On the Corner of Bitter & Sweet is about a young Asian boy and girl coming of age during World War 2, and the challenges they faced due to the prevailing fear and prejudice surrounding them in their home in 1940’s Seattle. EX.CELL.ANT.
  • The Message Bible
    Because. Someone always needs a new Bible!  This one is on my list!  I really like it’s size and presentation, and this idiomatic translation flows beautifully and really helps me towards it’s stated goal to Read. Think. Pray. Live.
  • Brene Brown seems to be on everyone’s reading list!  I have this book, Rising Strong, and a few others ready to listen to in Audible.  This is for the person who is all about challenging themselves and personal development.

What do you think?  Has my list been helpful so far?
I actually have a LOT more that I could share!  I am a former teacher who still tries to hoard the best kid’s toys and books.  And then there are all of the small businesses and products that directly impact a person or community in need when purchased.

Should I do another post with links for top quality gifts for kids?  I am also a girl with an eye on a deal [as noted by the number of times I may have used that word in this list!]. That is always a great combo with QUALITY.

And I would really be so happy if you would share your top gift recommendations back to me!  I still have a few tough spots to fill in on my own shopping list!

Happy Holidays + Merry Christmas to you!



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