Last Minute Gift Ideas

Less than a week, and I am still pulling my Christmas gift list together!  My problem is that my creativity and inspiration sometimes really begins flowing a little on the late side…  Don’t be like me.    #handmadegifts = #latenights

However – – I have been browsing Amazon and other sites, and I thought I would share a few more ideas to add to my last list!  I’ve already given a few items off of my Creative & Natural gifts list, and they have been a big hit!  I couldn’t leave out some finds for kids (I have LOTS of nieces & nephews + teacher + kids-toys addict) and also some meaningful options for those who would love to know there is something MORE behind what they open.

Last Minute Gifts

As always, some of these links may be affiliate links and provide a small referral commission if you click through to purchase.

Infant – Lower Elementary

  • Wood is always a step up from plastic with children’s toys.  I love this sweet Doctor Play Set – – because I know just how many stuffed, imaginary, & real friends would have received my expert treatment as a child!
  • This Wood Tool Set combines aesthetics and texture with cognitive matching skills.  This is a great option to inspire creativity and imagination  – – along with that heart-grabbing imitation of the hero-worshipped adults in their life.
  • A Basket full of Fabric-stuffed Fruit is perfect for your younger children who still explore with their hands and mouths.  And the wear & tear on these beautiful produce pieces will last much longer than any plastic options!
  • Pull Toy Dog  – handmade and so sweet for your toddler who loves carrying and dragging friends like this all over the house…
  • Preschoolers love anything that makes them feel more like Mom or Dad.  A Wood Fruit Chopping Tray provides that “grown-up” vibe and great small-motor skill practice.
  • There is a Rainbow option – – but I love this Waves Stacker [#islandgirl]!  And it grows through every age level with balance and creativity challenges.  I would seriously love to have this in my living room right now.  And I would bet that you would play with it!
  • Have you seen those instrument buckets for toddlers and preschoolers?  Those are great, but you can also keep everything a little more contained with a Music Table.  And it is one-piece cleanup when your appreciation for your child’s musical gifting is over…
  • A Wooden Doll House = hours of imaginative play!  And it is all learning time too.
    WARNING: You may hear/see yourself reflected!
  • No words needed.  Just click the link and imagine what your reaction to this Wooden Castle would have looked like!

Elementary Age

  • I like this Wood Tetris Puzzle or Tetris Cube [not your typical cube!] for older children.  Puzzles engages the mind and hands while making brain connections and giving a sense of proud accomplishment.




  • I am a children’s book hoarder – – so I HAVE to share some of these favorites!  Get the Mary Poppins books (the entire series!) for your older children.  Or read them aloud to your 4 year olds and up.  Everyone will love these stories as much as you adored the Disney movie.
  • If you love the Narnia Books, then you will all enjoy this Companion to Narnia.  If you haven’t read them, then get the series for yourself (and your kids)!  Watch the movies AFTER you read the books…
  • Malia in Hawai’i is written by a friend.  I love her first book, There’s a Monster in my Opu. I don’t have this one yet, and since I collect Hawaiian themed children’s books, it is on my personal list!
  • Make learning healthy habits fun with The Busy Body Book and Good Enough to Eat.  Add a jumprope or ball and a new lunchbag or accessories for a great themed gift!
  • Teach your elementary age daughter about the beautiful creation of her body with Beautiful Girl by Dr. Christine Northrup.  Add a hand-made Girls Day certificate committing to time to nurture that little woman growing in her.


This next list may fall slightly on the late side for Christmas gifts.  But if you have struggled to find that PERFECT gift for someone – – then look through this list and consider a gift certificate from these amazing artisans.  Several are personal friends, and I can attest to the quality and love behind what they do!


  • Get a handmade Bamboletta Doll for that special little one.  They are reminiscent of the Cabbage Patch Kids of my childhood — but so much sweeter and each one filled with personalized meaning.
  • Handmade/retro but classic/unique/eco-friendly/eye-catching >> get it all with anything from SeaFoam Green Hawai’i.  I love it all – but especially Grace’s leather & fabric clutches.  I carry my must-have essential oils in one everywhere I go.  And profits from your purchases always also go toward a heart-felt mission partnership such as sex-trafficking rescues.
  • Do you know someone who loves plant-based products or just beautiful self-care items?  Mamalani is my favorite source for hand-pounded body powders and creams.
  • You can never go wrong with jewelry!  Here are some of my favorites:
    • Dainty * Eclectic * Chic * Organic >> [KI*ELE] jewelry from Hawai’i
    • Essential Oil diffusing jewelry
    • Jewelry & Accessories with a PURPOSE
      • Rahab’s Rope provides beautiful items handmade by women who would otherwise be employed by India’s sex-trafficking industry
      • Purpose Jewelry also provides freedom for women rescued from slavery
    • I’m not much of a TV star-follower – – but who can resist Joanna Gaines’ style??  ANYTHING from her Magnolia Market jewelry shop makes my list!
  • Have you considered a SUBSCRIPTION Box gift?  I purchased a themed subscription as a gift this year, and these are a few I wouldn’t mind receiving!
    • Purpose Boxes are mail that matters.  This is a carefully curated collection of beautiful items – – and ALL proceeds go to a featured purpose.  You can’t get much more meaningful then this.  Expect tears with each delivery and all the stories contained…
    • Try gifting a Meal Subscription box!  This is a frequently wished-for item in my work office…  Hello Fresh comes highly recommended by my favorite resource site,
    • Happy Mail or Messy Boxes from A Beautiful Mess will make any creative squeal!

Even if these won’t arrive in time for the big day, I think anyone would be thrilled to open a printed page receipt or gift certificate from any of these!  Or save the links for yourself for the new year. 😉

Have you found that perfect gift yet?  I would love to hear your inspirations and findings while I wrap up my gift list!  Also – if you are a spread the essential oil goodness person like I am, be sure to join our Essential Oil Gift Ideas group on Facebook.




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