In My Yoga Bag

I thought I would share what I have in my YOGA BAG – – since I know many friends are using the start of New Year to set new intentions to reduce stress and build physical strength.  Yoga is a great option for anyone!

Sustainable Yoga

Before I get to what is in my bag, here are some of my thoughts lately about yoga…

>  I have been noticing that going to yoga twice a week feels like I am starting all over again to work the stiffness out of my body.  I don’t like it!
I would love to be more of an advance yogi, but as I am still rebuilding from back injuries I stick to soft, Hatha, flows for now.  But I want more…  So I am participating in a 21-day yoga challenge – because it takes 21 days to build a habit!  And I would love to keep going to 90 days to build a lifestyle of daily yoga.  Even just a few minutes would make a huge difference in that stiffness I am noticing.

>>  I love my yoga instructor!  She is a woman after my own heart because she goes the extra mile for aesthetics and ambiance.  And her playlists rock!

>>  Can we just talk about using essential oils before (and after!) doing yoga???  Rub an amazing respiratory blend on your chest or Frankincense or Lavender on the wrists and you will breathe in sooo much goodness during Downward Facing Dog.  Even if the instructor leaves you there extra long, you’ll just be happily inhaling those oils!

>>  The value of the yoga block just recently really clicked for me.  Sinking your weight into these props allows you to get deep into the pose — and deep into some tight muscles and ligament spots you may not have found before.

>>  Is there any other workout quite as holistic (whole-body) as yoga?  I literally can feel the connections sync from head-to-toe during the flows!  And it is fascinating how directly a specific pose can benefit a part of the body or relieve physical/mental/emotional/spiritual needs that are linked physiologically.

>>  I call yoga [or barre!] my mood adjustment hour.  I seriously can go in close to tears or exhausted or stressed – or anything, and come out feeling literally zen.  This practice is so honoring of the entire body, you can just feel yourself coming into alignment.  And then there is the hour focused on “letting go…”  There is a lesson here.

>>  This was awhile ago, but if I am telling yoga stories I have to tell about the time I was in a Restorative class {you hold restful poses for several minutes} and I woke myself up snoring! #thathasneverhappenedbefore  And then it happened again! It was a good class. 😉

You know I am committed to trying to live a toxin-free and sustainable life, so I researched long and hard before stocking my yoga supplies.  This is what you will find in my bag right now:

Sustainable Yoga

  1. This light-weight Yoga Mat is not only PVC & chemical free, but is completely plastic free!  It is biodegradable and made from natural rubber.  I have the acai color, and I LOVE it!  I also think the price is super-affordable for all of those positives.
    WARNING: this mat is very thin!  It folds, rather than rolls and does not have any padding.  I have not had a problem with it.  Although I do like the idea of using it on top of a fabric mat like the ones shared below.
  2. I also have this towel – – because if it’s even a Vinyasa class, I am going to drip sweat!  And sweat + yoga mats + balancing do not mix well!
  3. I totally cannot find a link to purchase these, but they are the BEST hair bands ever (add to your Amazon wishlist like I did)! You cut and tie your own preferred length.  Mine double loops loosely around my wrist.  This is the only hair tie that holds my hair!  Can any of my friends in Hawai’i see if Longs has these and send me some???
  4. This is my actual YOGA BAG.   This local Hawai’i brand, Ecolicious Hawai’i, is easy to find at vendor events and at Whole Foods Hawai’i!  It has a small zippered pocket for my hair bands (or phone, ID, & keys) and plenty of room for everything I need.  I can also usually stuff in a few groceries from the Farmer’s Market or Natural Grocers…
  5. These aren’t really for my yoga classes, although they probably could be {but my feet get hot!}, but they are in my bag!  These socks with rubber grips on the soles are designed for barre classes – my other workout love!  If you want a more active and fast strength-building workout that combines yoga, pilates, & ballet benefits, then check out a barre class.   This pair of sticky socks on Amazon is similar to mine.
  6. I ALWAYS have my Lifefactory water bottle with me.  If you haven’t heard me talk about how much I love this water bottle – – you will!  My water just tastes better in this glass bottle.  And trust me.  That silicone covering really does work!
  7. My favorite yoga workout clothes are currently from Target or surfbrands like these pants and tank.

I also have a list of items saved on my wishlist:

Sustainable Yoga Accessories

  1. I prefer to purchase from brands that are consciously contributing to making a difference through my purchase, like Threads for Thought.  I am cold right now, so I like this long-sleeved top over this tank and pants.
  2. These cork [sustainable!] yoga blocks are currently in my basket, as is this yoga belt strap.    I also found another yet of all three of these tools together for a deal!
  3. This burlap mat is another sustainable yoga mat option.  And I would like to add a yoga rug to my practice.
  4. Yoga blankets are rolled or folded and used to help keep your body in the proper position. And you can never have too many blankets anyway!  I also think this solid-colored blanket is really pretty.
  5. Every good yogi needs some good books – right?  The Complete Yoga PosesMeditations From the Matand  The Key Muscle of Yoga.
  6. No purchase link or picture for this one – – but this is supposed to be the 10 Best Yoga Tunes of 2016, according to The Yoga Journal.   Maybe these tunes will inspire you!

I am already feeling extra inspired for my 21 Day Yoga Challenge!  Although I do need to get those yoga blocks ordered… yikes!  If you’d like to do the challenge with me, I am linking up with a group of friends and you are invited. 🙂  Just let me know!

Also – be sure to connect on Facebook so you don’t miss our Essential Oils and Yoga online class this month.  It’s going to be a good one!

What would you add to my list?  Or do you have a favorite yoga brand or resource or class type?  Share away!  And I hope I’ve inspired you to #getonthemat {a bit more sustainably}.


**Affiliate links may provide a small commission if you make a purchase through my attached link.  All opinions are honest and recommended based on research and/or personal experience.  Thanks for your support!




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