Essential Oils and Yoga Benefits

I am absolutely not what I would refer to as a yogi.  I adore yoga.  And I am convinced of all of the health and overall life benefits.  But I am not an expert in the details of the practice. {maybe someday!}

HOWEVER – – some things are just obvious!  And one of those things is the perfect synchronicity found in combining Essential Oils {another of my favorite things} with any Yoga practice.  This partnership is really just intuitive!  And I have been learning how I can be very intentional with how I use my essential oils to support the goals and intentions of my practice.

I recently hosted an online class on this topic, so I took some time to do some extra research.  I found that there really was not a lot of simple, easy to take-in and apply-at-a-glance, material available online.  I would like to share some of the oils that I feel are great options to begin with for those who are just beginning to combine yoga and oils – – or those who are ready to get much more intentional with their choices.

Please enjoy these printables!  I hope you find them helpful, and I would love for you to share this gift.  You can learn more about the essential oils that I recommend and use here.

During the month of January, my Uluwehilifestyles team and I offered a daily yoga challenge and a Yoga + Essential Oils workshop, along with several other classes and resources.  Follow us on Facebook to check out each of our upcoming monthly challenges and offerings provided for our natural living community.

You can also see what I have in my Yoga Bag right now if you are interested in making sustainable choices or learning what I have found and enjoyed.  And please pass your favorites back to me as well!

I would love to hear from you.  What essential oils are you already using with your Yoga practice?  Or what are some other oils that are naturally intuitive that you would add to this collection?


Lavender and Yoga benefits

Grounding Oils and Yoga benefits

Frankincense and Yoga benefits

Geranium Oil and Yoga Benefits

Cypress Oil and Yoga Benefits

Cedarwood Oil and Yoga Benefits


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