Essential Oils

Essential oils are what I call God’s ultimate gift for the best life-living! The short story is that we, and countless others, have seen these amazing products of Creation transform our lives. I believe they were designed as a major part of God’s gifts and provision for our daily lives.  So I don’t hesitate to pass something this good on!

Have you heard some of the hype? Are you wondering what it’s all about?

Essential oils come from plants. They have long been used in many world cultures for everything from food prep and beauty to healthcare. Today, essential oils are very often the inspiration for synthetically produced perfumes as well as both personal and healthcare products.

People like me ended up trying – and falling in love with! – essential oils because we were looking for more options to support our own daily healthy and quality of life. These oils have amazing health benefits, such as their powerful cleansing properties and a unique chemistry that allows them to pass easily through the skin and provide a rapid physical response.

The very best oils can be used topically, aromatically, and internally for emotional and physical support and for daily personal care, and pleasure!  There’s a lot of discussion about essential oils because they WORK.  I like to say, We have an oil for that.  And it’s true.

I’m curious about you. Are you interested in natural forms of health and personal care? How about in saving money and feeling more empowered in daily life?
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